General characteristics:

Diagnostic method:

  • solid-phase sandwich ELISA

Active components:

  • Immunosorbent a mixture of recombinant antigens of HIV-1 (gp41), HIV-2 (gp36) and monoclonal antibodies of p24 antigen of HIV-1
  • Conjugate solution 1 CS-1 (ready to use) a mixture of biotin-labeled monoclonal human antibody of antigen 24 HIV-1 and biotin-labeled recombinant proteins HIV-1 and HIV-2
  • Conjugate Cg-2 streptavidin, horseradish peroxidase conjugated

The analysis procedure

  • incubation of samples with CS-1 for 15 minutes at +37C in thermoshaker;
  • incubation with a solution of Cg-2 for 10 minutes at +37C in thermoshaker;
  • incubation with TMB solution for 15 minutes at +37C in thermoshaker.

Shelf life 12 months

Diagnostic characteristics:


  • 5pg/ml at Standard AG (+) HIV-1 p24-MBA
  • 100% on a set of 1000 samples of HIV-infected at different stages of disease

Specificity: 99.97% on a set of 5000 serum samples of healthy donors


  • set is completed with folding Lock Well tablet
  • shelf life of the tablet-immunosorbent after opening 3 months
  • all reagent solutions have different color
  • color indication of samples
  • total incubation time 40 minutes
  • set containes jars for solutions and tips for dispensers